It’s July. I have to post something.

If I’m going to have any shot of making blogging a habit, I have to commit to posting at minimum, once a month. I know, I know.  Once a month is nowhere near enough, for a REAL blog. But… I have no followers, really.  Ain’t nobody checkin’ for me on this thing.  I will up my game as soon as I feel there’s enough interest!

Here are some things that have happened in the past month, in no particular order:

  1. I’ve decided to take up yoga. This is still a work-in-progress, but it’s the plan. My body needs to loosen up.
  2. I FINALLY made the last payment on my trip to Greece! Shoot, that should have been number 1 on my list.
  3. My VERY FIRST goddaughter Violet-Hazel (“Hazy”) was born! Actually she was born in May, but she’s been in NICU the whole time with complications, and she has yet to come home. I didn’t feel right posting about Hazy just yet, but seeing as how she’s most likely coming home soon–FINALLY–I can’t hold it in any longer!  I’m a godmommy!  She’s such a doll.  Can’t wait to meet her!
  4. In freelance-land, I’ve landed several fun and challenging new projects. It’s actually very exciting to work on something you care about.  Something that challenges you creatively. Maybe someday I’ll share the completed work.
  5. Oh, and I’ve made some progress on my “just for grins” body of work.  You know, the stuff I work on just to keep myself on my toes.  That stuff is SUPER COOL. I’ll definitely share it once I’ve got it where it needs to be.  Stay tuned…
  6. I found out one of my exes is married now. Nothing much else to say about that, except maybe… TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!

Thanks for reading! And as always, I would love a comment or two—so please, jump right in and share your thoughts, whatever they may be.