The Ultimate Sacrifice

I’m just full of crazy randomness lately.

For example, did you know I decided to give up Facebook, Twitter, and potatoes for Lent this year?

Did you also know that I’m not Catholic?

And that, if we’re being 100% honest (which let’s face it, we have to be on a blog), I haven’t been going to church regularly since 2004?

Yeah.  Lots of things about my life I’d like to change.  More on that later.

Anyway, yes, I have not logged onto Facebook or Twitter in over 2 weeks.  How do I feel so far?  Well…kind of bored sometimes.

But then I realize that the only reason I ever logged onto Facebook or Twitter was when I was bored.  Honestly, where do I even find time to be bored in the first place?  I am ALWAYS busy!  I work all day, come home and work some more, and on weekends I’m always at some event or meeting or luncheon or spending time with Barney at the dog park.  So how in God’s name am I ever bored???  It’s a complete mystery to me.

In true Kim fashion I’ve totally missed my point.  Well, maybe you got something out of that anyway.  If not, I don’t really care.  It helps me to just throw these thoughts out and get them off my mind.

Enjoy my stream of consciousness.

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