Help, I’m a Travel Junkie!

So it’s December 2012 and I’m already planning trips for July 2013 and September 2014. Why?

Because I am insane.

Because I am constantly in need of a vacation.

Because I am a travel junkie.

People always tell me they can’t go on trips because they don’t have the money. Well I’m here to tell you: I’m broke and I travel a LOT. Because I feel it’s a travesty to be on this planet and not see as much of it as possible.

Do all you can, to see all you can, and before you know it, you’ll be all you can.

That’s my version of the “circle of life” or something like it.


It Ain’t Paris, But…

Okay, so it’s not ALL about Paris. I actually did take a couple other trips this year, I just haven’t talked about them much because Paris still wins as the best trip of the year.

However, I don’t want the other trips to feel left out, so…here are some highlights:

San Francisco, CA (July 2012)

Riding in a boat under Golden Gate Bridge

Another Golden Gate shot

With the girls on Lombard Street

Cruise to Key West & Cozumel (October 2012)