Plus Size Swimwear: A Sad State of Affairs

Apparently the fashion industry has it in for us healthy & happy girls when it comes to swimwear.  Now, I do realize there are some body types that truly require a swim dress that comes almost to your knees.  But if you’re like me (i.e. top-heavy), and basically just need something that will make the girls look pretty, you shouldn’t have to suffer through another circa 1986 floral print/abstract print/black+insert-color-here swimsuit.

I mean, seriously.  Have you SEEN the options out there today?

Horrible.  Just horrible.  What did we do to deserve this?  Can we get some cute prints?  Can we get more color options?  Can we get something that dips down just a weeeeee bit more in the front?  Can we nix the hideous “shorts” that look like granny’s bloomers? Do we not deserve to look as hawt as possible in our swimwear?  Must we be forced to look like beached whales??!?!

Oh, please, fashion industry.  Call me.  I will gladly design an entire line of lovely prints & patterns that would look fabulous on us.  Heck, at this rate I’d even do it for free.

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