The Source of My Joy (This Week)

This past Sunday night around 8pm, as I was frantically scrambling to find some Benadryl for Barney’s itchy neutering incision, through horrible planning and non-forward-thinking, I ended up at Walgreens.*

On a whim, after picking up the Benadryl I decided to shimmy up the food & drinks aisle, looking for a delicious snack.  You see, at my previous stop I’d considered buying ice cream in addition to the Benadryl, but thought to myself, forget ice cream. I didn’t come here for that. When I got to Walgreens and found they had the kind of medicine Barney needed, I was in such high spirits that I wanted to reward myself with something yummy.  By this time the ice cream notion was completely gone, and now I was thinking about fruit.  At a drugstore. Of course, they did not have fruit.

But suddenly, as if summoned by some evil dessert-wielding spirit, my head slowly turned to the left.  Instantly, fruit was the furthest thing from my mind when I saw this lovely piece of merchandise smiling at me through the icy glass:

Fully controlled by the dessert demon now, I opened the freezer and purchased this box of icy creamy deliciousness, along with Barney’s Benadryl.

I’m proud to say I did not come right home and rip the box open.  Oh no.  I waited until the NEXT DAY to come home after work, eat dinner, and watch a little TV.  Then and only then, did I allow myself a special treat.  Oh, and did it taste like pure heaven?  I believe it did.  Did my heart sing?  I’m still humming the tune.  All I can say is if you haven’t tried these before, please.  Do yourself (and me) a favor.  Buy some now.  Enjoy them.  Tell them I sent you.

Visit the sandwiches at their home

*Footnote & Sidebar: There’s nothing wrong with Walgreens, but what IS wrong is Walgreens was the second place I went to in search of the medication.  Let me say that again.  A DRUGSTORE was the SECOND place I went to in search of DRUGS.  I instead went to a grocery store, being lazy and not wanting to drive the extra half mile down the road.  At the grocery store they did not have the kind I wanted, but again being lazy I bought the closest thing.  I then drove home, pulled up to the garage and, fueled by a wee bit of mommy-guilt, Googled “children’s liquid benadryl for dogs” on my phone, and suffice it to say I did not like the results I found.  I put the car into reverse and then drove to Walgreens, which is what I should have done from the beginning.

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